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My name is Ioannis (John), I work as a web developer and this website is my personal portfolio, along with some useful (?) contributions and thoughts on my field.

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If you are a relative, my girlfriend wife or a friend, then thank you for visiting and I invite you to take a look around, there is a very small chance that you will find something useful. Whether you find it or not, the time you spent on the page will leave its mark on my google analytics and we'll all be proud of it.

Oh, and of course I await your impressions!


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If you are an entrepreneur, an individual or in general someone who wants a "place" in the www ocean, then thank you for visiting and I invite you to take a look around, as you will find some very useful tips, such as how to build an e-shop with only €199, how to get to the first position on Google results within an hour or even how to get +10,000 Likes on your Facebook page AND Followers on Twitter/Instagram.

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If you have accidentally landed on this page, I hope you like it and find something useful.

If you are a wannabe nurse (!), then you probably came here in order to download one of the OEDB books for Nursing Assistant schools that I scanned and uploaded a long time ago here* since they are no longer in circulation and therefore very popular (even though half of them are rubbish).
*Yes, I hyperlinked "here", web marketers feel free to cringe.


The following articles, some of them elaborately dressed in the guise of services, aim to inform mainly ordinary internet users - potential consumers of online products and services - of various ridiculous situations they may encounter in their attempt to build or improve the image of their company/business/organization/page on the internet. Of course, all these articles can also be a point of reference for fellow IT professionals (who have probably been asked for some of these "services").

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In addition to my Blog above, there is a number of articles written by me that are occasionally hosted on other platforms, with a variety of topics. An indicative list of articles of mine in other websites on the internet can be found below:


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